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When you need professional dental work or routine care, who are you going to call to get the job done quickly, efficiently and correctly?

Dentistry is a medical practice aimed at improving oral health, treating diseases associated with teeth and gums. Tooth decay and gum diseases can occur slowly over time and the individual in need of dental care might not know they have a problem until the problem has progressed to a damaging state. Routine care of your teeth is crucial to your overall health as many studies have suggested in the medical community. Monthly check ups include x-ray examinations, fluoride cleaning, scraping off plaque and giving the patient tips as to how to improve or continue to experience their oral health.

Dentists don’t just provide routine care with fluoride treatments and monthly cleaning but are also responsible for dental surgeries related to cosmetic surgeries or implants. Improving a smile with missing, crooked or damaged teeth can boost self-confidence and provide important, long-lasting oral care to patients who have gum disease or damaged teeth. Others seek dental surgery to improve healthy teeth or replace dentures with veneers. Orthodontists don’t perform oral surgery but will provide patients with instruments to fix an overbite, under bite, crooked teeth or all three. New improvements and developments in dentistry improve patient experience by hiding the appearance of braces all together.

Dental care

dentists valdosta ga-dental careDentists in family practices and family dentistry provide treatment and care for basic and semi-complex dentistry needs. Some family practices will perform some surgeries such as veneers and other cosmetic procedures. Family dentistry will provide preventative care, maintenance and personalized care for patients who need short term or long term help.

Periodontal cleanings occur when the patient has a buildup of plaque that needs extra care. The patient is numbed and the dentist or dental assistant will scrape the plaque from between the teeth at a more invasive level. This kind of cleaning allows the patient’s teeth to be evaluated as some plaque hides any damage that might be lying under the preexisting plaque.

Most will also perform teeth whitening, a popular treatment that is easy to sit through and brightens your smile. A teeth whitening treatment from your dentist will happen in stages. The patient will make multiple trips to the dentist over the course of a month to receive treatments for teeth whitening. A dental impression for a mouth guard will be fitted for your mouth specifications and the patient can perform the whitening themselves at home with a gel treatment.

Laser whitening is a new treatment that allows the patient to get a one-time, long term whitening treatment. The dentist will use powder whitening and apply whitening bleach to your teeth by painting it on the patient’s teeth. Lastly a laser shines on the whitening to activate the powder and after about an hour the procedure is finished.

Emergency dentist

dentists valdosta ga-emergency dentistDental emergencies can have a sudden onset and have the ability to be extremely painful. If you have found yourself in need of a dentist outside of your usual dentist’s normal hours considering an emergency dentist is your best bet. Seeking immediate treatment will prevent more expensive and invasive treatments later down the road.

Emergency dentists provide a list of services for those in need of immediate care. If you are experiencing symptoms such as an extreme toothache, lost filling, lost crown/cap, broken, chipped or extruded tooth call an emergency dentist for fast acting help. Before going in to an emergency dentist ask if they take your dental insurance or dental plan in order to help you save money.

Pediatric dentist

dentists valdosta ga-pediatric dentistWhat should you and your little one expect when visiting a pediatric dentist? Unless your child has serious or specific dental issues a visit to the pediatric dentist is quick, easy and fun.

The dentist who has been trained to specifically treat children will sit the child down, count teeth, comment on tooth development and teach the child how to properly care for their teeth at their developmental age.

Most appointments should be set when the child has all of their baby teeth in or at the age of two. It is just as important for parents to schedule appointments for their child as it is for them to schedule appointments for themselves.

Proper dental care starts at a young age, the more exposure a child has to the dentist the less anxiety will surround monthly or yearly exams.

Cosmetic dentist

dentists valdosta ga-cosmetic dentistCosmetic dentistry offers procedures such as dental implants, veneers, denture care, teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, advanced periodontal cleaning, sedation dentistry, snore guards, night guards, TMJ treatments, smile design and bonding treatments.

Dental implants are an alternative to dentures that provide permanent care for those in need of partial or full tooth replacement. Dentures can often become a burden to those who use them; dental implants provide the patient with the same benefits as a normal, healthy mouth full of teeth. Chewing and speaking with dental implants are improved, teeth look natural and the procedure can be done in one sitting in some practices. In other practices the dentist or oral surgeon will split up the procedure into two to four different appointments depending on the length and extent of the implant surgery.

Veneers are constantly improving in the dental industry. Porcelain implants are chosen to replace damaged, broken or missing teeth. Veneers can also be provided for an entire mouth much like dental implants. Most veneers can be completed in just two visits to the dentist giving the patient immediate satisfaction and a perfectly healthy smile.

Sedation dentistry applies to patients who experience anxiety at the dentist. There are a few different methods of sedation that can be offered to patients. The first is oral conscious sedation where the patient is put into a state of deep relaxation without the use of gas or IVs. Medication is given to the patient so they are sedated but relatively awake for the procedure. The second type of sedation is nitrous oxide or laughing gas. This option is great for people who want to be awake and aware after the procedure as nitrous oxide generally wears off after twenty to thirty seconds. Lastly IV sedation is used for patients who have extensive treatments allowing the patient to be put completely under.


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